Stone Walk, London

“Stone Walk starts in the gardens of one of the oldest sites of worship in Britain. It traces a path of stones through the city, from the religious to the secular, ancient to present day, finding stones of war and peace, symbols of hope, commerce, fertility, place and communion with a lost London.”

August 2014

In 2014, I was invited by Kat Hayes to show a piece of work in Are You Human, an exhibition at the Cob Gallery in Camden, north London. Kat is another artist working undercover in architectural communications. I hadn’t been making much artwork that year, but I had been wandering around looking at buildings, so I researched and wrote a walk that started from the gallery and followed a trail of stones. Download directions for the walk and information about the stones* below.

* April 2021, some stones (2,5,6) might not be accessible due to covid restrictions.

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