Spreadsheets and tables: book project

à table by Martino Gamper I thought I should add this to the site as a project, even though I had less to do with it than some of the others – it’s a nice book. 102 pages on tables by the Italian designer, Martino Gamper. The graphic design is by Roland Brauchli, it’s publishedContinue reading “Spreadsheets and tables: book project”

Exercises in Seating by Max Lamb

“Max’s processes can be distilled into either addition or reduction: building, moulding or growing; carving, cutting or removing… by exposing these methods, he invites a connection with the finished object, he gives a sense of its material and emotional value.” Sarah Simpkin, Exercises in Seating Sometimes, I work with architects and designers to conceive, writeContinue reading “Exercises in Seating by Max Lamb”

A House in a Garden by Foster + Partners: Singapore, 2003-2008

“The water seems to originate in the pond and flow beneath the house. It was important that we gave the impression of a source. This is an illusion – part created, part imagined – and forms a visual link between the different parts of the building.” David Nelson, Foster + Partners Singapore has an eclecticContinue reading “A House in a Garden by Foster + Partners: Singapore, 2003-2008”


“Urushi doesn’t usually work with deadlines. It takes the time it takes, and the customer or commissioner is called when it is finished. This is an unknown date, by which time it is quite possible one has forgotten that one ordered the object…” Charlotte York, Max Lamb in Wajima That’s a little how I feltContinue reading “URUSHI IS NOT ALONE, Max Lamb”

Two Cities: Tokyo & Chicago, Luke Hayes

“Tokyo and Chicago, vast cities on opposite sides of the globe. These photographs are my first impressions of each, taken on assignments in 2009 and 2010. Despite being 10,000 kilometres apart, there were similarities. The images attempt to capture some of these parallels, the views that the people living there have stopped seeing – theContinue reading “Two Cities: Tokyo & Chicago, Luke Hayes”