Plum’s Paradise: the joys of a shared garden

We have a book called Mr Plum’s Paradise by Elisa Trimby. It was published in 1977 and tells the story of a man who turns the yard at the back of his small, terraced house in London into a garden. Mr Plum starts off by growing a few bits of fruit and veg. It escalates,Continue reading “Plum’s Paradise: the joys of a shared garden”

A House in a Garden by Foster + Partners: Singapore, 2003-2008

“The water seems to originate in the pond and flow beneath the house. It was important that we gave the impression of a source. This is an illusion – part created, part imagined – and forms a visual link between the different parts of the building.” David Nelson, Foster + Partners Singapore has an eclecticContinue reading “A House in a Garden by Foster + Partners: Singapore, 2003-2008”

Barbican Conservatory, Luke Hayes

Built between 1965 and 1976, the Barbican Estate was designed to repopulate the post-war City of London. Nowhere has its Brutalist vision of utopia taken root more than in the conservatory, which was added later, in 1980, to disguise the theatre’s 100-foot fly tower and improve views for residents. The concrete fly-tower is surrounded byContinue reading “Barbican Conservatory, Luke Hayes”