Mike Nelson: Extinction Beckons

The Asset Strippers, 2019 Mike Nelson’s assemblage of telephone poles, hay rakes and heavy machinery in the Duveen galleries of Tate Britain made monuments of the industrial relics of his childhood – and part of my own. The internationally renowned artist, twice nominated for the Turner Prize, grew up in the East Midlands and wentContinue reading “Mike Nelson: Extinction Beckons”

Pilgrimage: Naoshima, Japan’s art island

“Naoshima is a small, beautiful, somehow sad little island. A tiny town in squares and patches. On one side, beginning several feet back from the sea, a ruined shrine, a general store, a shaved-ice shop. The sadness comes perhaps from the loneliness – in the early afternoons, there never seems to be anyone on theseContinue reading “Pilgrimage: Naoshima, Japan’s art island”